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New tutorial/ tips pages started

New tutorial/ tips page started and will be updated weekly



Had a lot of problems with the destruction  in the game and because it is so complicated we have decided to use physics built in to the unity engine so building collapse in weight and blocks .

This seems to not of changed the game element much and is fun to play just need the destroyed building bits to hide when damaged


city view from side with textures and wire-frame to show you the scale of the map  which is quite a large map and the city now has extension on to the right of it so that the city is believable and takes a bit of time to get across the map.
view of final build of the city building and the final triangle count is 16000 but with the characters at average 12000 triangles so overall the scene is 172000 tri and a average of over 60 fps 

unity basic water works well with sky box and toon shader

my favourite screen-shot show all my level 


just added a background hill and a tunnel  to add to the dynamics of the level and make a more interesting level 


added grass map to the level but bit are stretched so will be uv mapped the whole map and added two different types of trees to see if they suit the map 


this is my first modular building textured and placed in unity and the quality seems very good and easy to build different sized buildings 

first textured building module transferred to unity to see how it looks ingame and i think it look pretty good and transfering fbx files with textures is very easy 
test render to see which tree look best and fit in with the scene  and the pine trees seem to fit in more 

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