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Bend tool tutorial

Building Arches And Curved Buildings With The Bend Tool

Starting Object

1.    First I started off with modelling the object for the arch and then extruding the object twenty times so that the curve will be smooth.

Bend Tool

2.    Then you use the Bend tool on the object and Bend the object 180 degrees to make the perfect top of the arch but always make sure the amount of sections you extruded is even for easier adjustment and for high poly.

Built Up Object

3.    Built the object up to a high poly level with added arches and more things to the objects for the curved building wall.

Align Tool

4.   Then I cloned the object and placed it correctly on top and then I used the align tool and placed it along ten times.

Then the basic wall is made for the curved building and here it shows you many ways the bend tool can help with construction of curved buildings and arches.

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