Unity test level progress

progress for today was i started out with exporting a whole test scene into unity from 3ds max in a fbx file format and started organising all the file folders as you can see in the above image so i could put the correct files in the folder so they updates in unity instantly and the organisation of the folder keeps everything neat and tidy for when the  project progresses the game has a lot of files.

organisation of the folders are ;

  • Fonts
  • Materials
  • Meshes
  • scenes
  • Scripts
  • Textures
  • standard assets

Time consuming and the UN organised way

Below is a example of my scene before organisation and you can clearly see it is very confusing and messy and the objects were all exported separately which i found time consuming to importing the whole file as fbx format in 1 go.


Progress today;

  • skybox i have learnt how to insert a sky-box into the scene correctly

  • Lighting i have experimented with different lighting sources and added a light to sun coming from the direction of the sun in the sky box


  • Texturing i have learnt to place texturing into the scene so i inserted a chequered and a bump into the scene

  • Camera has been set up in the scene to render the sky-box and the render quality has been adjusted


In progress i am setting object in the scene in front of the building with a character controls as a test

Progress to be completed tonight hopefully

Will be setting up a 3rd person camera and controls in unity so that i can have a camera follow my character around and also control the character object



Currently a graduate from Leeds metropolitan university in game design. I enjoy all aspects of 3d work and making games for people to enjoy. my main areas of 3d which i am very interested in is character and level design

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