3ds max block building 1

so the next idea to make a building more customizable in the unity engine i have made my building in 3ds max and then detached all main object

from the buildings into pieces.

This is the building placed together made of pieces

This is my building show all the pieces space between each other to see most of the separate objects

so next i have exported all obj files of my building to unity and now making the building in unity setting up prefabs with physics enable and rigid body

more to update  soon just testing this technique and then ill make high quality building objects

started getting the building built in unity and being testing it with physics but had a problem with my building going through the floor that is set with a mesh collider but i didnt expect it to be use as its my first time using the engine and have many things to learn.

Goals to be completed in the next day are;

  • To get the building set up so it doesn’t go through the floor
  • having an object hitting the building
  • building breaking  using physics
  • more control and understanding over the building destruction

also if this test is successful i will move on to the next step of building the high quality in game assets for about 10 different building types over the weekend



Currently a graduate from Leeds metropolitan university in game design. I enjoy all aspects of 3d work and making games for people to enjoy. my main areas of 3d which i am very interested in is character and level design

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