Project progress

Through researching building destruction through forums and videos i have gathered a better understanding of what I need to do to make a believable destruction. Through understanding that there’s no pre defined destruction in unity i have to build building from the ground up with destruction in mind.

There are 3 different ways to have destruction in game

the first way is to build the building into panels so they break off so the user is doing the damage but not as controllable as i would like.

The second way is to have pre rendered buildings in different levels of destruction and every time the building takes the damage then next building renders over the building to simulate destruction which i can control.
third way is to use alpha maps so the buildings geometry isn’t changed but this way i feel will not be believable to the user.

so from my research i will test out which each one these ways and see which has the control for me and the user feels there in control



Currently a graduate from Leeds metropolitan university in game design. I enjoy all aspects of 3d work and making games for people to enjoy. my main areas of 3d which i am very interested in is character and level design

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