project aims

Game idea is to build a game in a city environment which players race each other through each building by attacking the building and destroying it to pass through it to get to the end of the level. The player will control the character which they will be able to pick in the menu and be able to do different moves with programmed animations. The game will implement a stamina bar for the player and a different destruction to building and types and other assets in the level like vehicles and props.

starting my aim is to first understand how to do destruction in building which needs to be implemented in the unity engine so would have to do research into this subject so be able to do good building destruction.

My other goal for the project is to make a playable character for the game so my first aim is to draw concept art first.



Currently a graduate from Leeds metropolitan university in game design. I enjoy all aspects of 3d work and making games for people to enjoy. my main areas of 3d which i am very interested in is character and level design

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